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  • Providing Sustainable Solutions for your Business

    Green Global distributes the best logistics with market research that enhances your business.

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  • Distributing Customized Solutions for Financial Trading

    We believe in the power of supply chain management solutions that improves revenue. 

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  • Greatly Refined Global Products at Your Disposal

    Green Global Trading offers products that give optimal performance in the toughest of conditions.

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We believe in having a healthy and honest relationship with our clients.

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Offering competitive prices is what has stayed our mantra over the years.

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Making sure that you get the finest products on the market.


Helping You Improve Your Global Chain

Green Global has been pushing the standards of Supply Chain Management and integrated Technological Solutions worldwide. With our reach, we ensure you get the finest products at the right price.

Managing Director

Sani Abdul-Jabbar

Managing Director

Sani’s expertise spans financial service, healthcare, Software as a Service (SaaS), media & entertainment, and mobile applications. Products under his leadership have been recognized many times over for excellence in their respective industries.

Sani believes the key to creating digital products is growing great product leaders who implement best practices in digital product management and innovation. In his current role as Director of Product Management he leads cross-functional product teams consisting of UI & UX Designers to create delightful user experience; and Product Managers and Journey Owners who team up with the technical and engineering counterparts to deliver award-winning digital products.

Sani’s unique value proposition (UVP) includes a unique combination of strategy and execution mindset. While he often argues that digital transformation is as much about people as it is about technology — he’s also quick to point out that data can win many battles. Throughout his dacade plus long career in digital product management he has repeatedly leveraged proprietary and third party data, as well as commissioned custom research, to help define product strategy, set strategic direction, support features prioritization, and to help define key performance indicators a.k.a. success metrics.

Sani is routinely invited to speak on topics surrounding emerging technologies and digital-consumer trends. He is also a regular contributor and an expert panelist at Forbes and other forums.



Food Security Division


Petchem Division


Energy Division


IT Division


Facilitation and Consultation


Sustainable and Renewable Energy Division


Food Security Division

Protecting Food and the landscape around us through a researched approach.

Petchem Division

We offer the Best quality petrochemical through a multi-phase processing system.

Energy Division

Trading highly refined oil that works efficiently at extreme temperatures.

IT Division

Providing smart solutions for your trading and E-commerce needs.

Facilitation and Consultation

Providing targeted consultation facilities to improve the growth of your business.

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Division

Making sure that clean energy is affordable for all businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Green Global Trading, USA is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Green Global Trading, USA is physical commodity trading and services company.

Green Global Trading, USA serves customers worldwide

Physical commodities are two common types.

  1. Soft commodities include “Agricultural Products” such as Grains, Fruits, Vegetables,  Grass, etc.
  2. Hard commodities “Minerals, Metals Oil and Gas” such as Crude Oil, Refinery Products, Sulphur Gold, Copper, Ores, etc. 

Physical commodities are sold in large volumes and usually shipped by sea across the globe under well-preserved conditions. Physical commodities are further divided into two categories.

Primary Commodities:

Includes natural goods produced and/or extracted directly from the natural resource point such as Minerals, Metals, Oil, Gas and Agricultural products. Primary commodities are produced directly from mines, oil and gas wells, and Agriculture farms.

Secondary Commodities:

Secondary commodities are manufactured from primary commodities and have widespread market applications. For example, Gas is transformed to Urea, a commodity used at agriculture farms and also used in high efficiency engines as a diesel exhaust fluid. Crude oil is distilled to produce diesel, Jet fuel, gasoline and chemical building block molecules for further transformation to  produce materials such as plastics, fibres etc.  

A commodity trader is an organisation and/or individual trades involved trading physical commodity between two different markets. An organisation and/or individual can be either a broker or the direct seller and/or buyer. Commodity trader ensures to bridge gaps for trade to happen and work closely with producers and businesses in international markets

Commodities trading is the buying and selling of raw materials and finished products such as from Oil and Gas, LNG, LPG, Refinery Products, Agricultural and Food Security, Metal, Energy materials, Fertilisers and Food products.

Notable factors impacting the Success or failure of a commodity trading process are detailed below:

  1. Commodity Specifications
  2. Source Location
  3. Logistics
  4. Political Instability
  5. Trade Finance
  6. Contango & Backwardation Scenarios
  7. Futures Market and outlook
  8. Local/Foreign Laws
  9. Packaging, Marking, and Language requirements

Usually, we ship out the products within 2-3 weeks after receiving the financial instrument. For any special requirement, delivery time will depend on the order quantity.

Green Global Trading Preferred payment terms are a Line of Credit following SGS or Equivalent.  

We can ship products in bulk shipment, break bulk, and containerised with or without pallets.

A customer contacts Green Global Trading, USA via Email to legal@greenglobaltrading.com providing details for the complaint along with the unique project code and communication.

Green Global Trading, USA is committed to resolve all complains amicably and will ensure that and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.