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Commitment to Sustainable Development

Disclaimer: The use of SDG logo/icons on this website by any manner does not imply/suggest that United Nations endorse the products, services or activities in the context of promoting or advertising products or services offered by Green Global Trading, LLC. The use of SDG logo/icons on this website is for the informational purposes and/or for illustrative purposes to highlight Green Global Trading, LLC, USA corporate sustainability efforts on its corporate website/communications. The information provide on Green Global Trading Websites is strictly in compliance with SDG branding guidelines.

THE SDGs as a Part of Green Global Trading Business Strategy

Green Global Trading, LLC, has incorporated the United Nations-Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) approved by the United Nations in September 2015 into its business strategy and governance System to achieve sustainable development.

Green Global Trading, LLC, is committed to sustainable supply chain management throughout its Commodity Trading, Technology Development and Deployment operations. Almost all 169 UN-SDG goals and targets represent an opportunity to address challenges related to Food Security, Farming and Workers’ rights. A central and critical role is played by the small-scale farmers, producers and agriculture workers, an estimated community of 1.5 billion people, who not only secure food production for the world but are also impacted the most by natural disasters and climate change.    

The Green Global Trading, LLC corporate strategy is to enable sustainable transition by investing in supply chain management technologies from grassroots commodity producers, suppliers, manufacturers, and global companies by establishing collaborative partnerships that harness greater value-creating potential and for trading business success. Green Global Trading, LLC endeavours to become a leading market player in deploying technology solutions to strengthen the supply chain and build positions in growth markets. Green Global Trading, LLC business solutions help clients to their competitiveness and enable the reach commodities to the exclusive supply chain network. Green Global Trading, LLC believes that investment in achieving all aspects of SDGs will continue to unlock a $ 12 trillion global economy, an opportunity Green Global Trading LLC would like to share with its clients for a reliable, scalable, measurable and impactful business solutions, beyond business as usual.

Green Global Trading, LLC together with its commodity trading activities and supply chain management solutions impacts (directly and/or indirect) all seventeen (17) goals. Detailed below are the twelve (12) goals and focus areas for Green Global Trading, LLC.

Main Focus

Direct Contribution

Indirect Contribution to all other SDGs

As a part of the Green Global Trading Business Strategy, we strive for the development and delivery through SDGs 8, 9, 11 and 17.

At Green Global Trading, we “promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all”. We believe that our partner’s farming communities around the world are among the most susceptible to market unpredictability and the subsequent cycle of poverty. We believe in developing core components for sustainable trading & procurement activities to help workers, their families, and their communities farther from the poverty line and the negative impacts of poverty.

With our strong roots in farming, agriculture, energy systems, engineering, and IT based technologies, Green Global Trading invest in supply chain management services that can help achieve companies their growth targets from sectors such as Food Security, Energy Security, Downstream Petrochemical, Bulk Chemical Commodities Civil Construction & MEP Services. In pursuit of SDG 11, our technological solutions and trading services can support in mitigating challenges relevant to sustainable farming, urban farming, urban mining, waste management, nutrient recycling, energy conversion and microclimate control.  Green Global Trading encourages and strongly support environmentally sustainable farming and production practices by delivering necessary resources in timely manner to achieve production targets. By working with our local partners and relevant stakeholders in the community, we develop and promote supportive trading practices through our exclusive global network. We partner with local farmers, companies, global producers, manufactures and enterprises by extending our trading, supply chain management, consultancy, and technology deployment services to achieve sustainable development. We believe that access to energy, food commodities and technologies for the deployment of sustainable trading and delivery systems is key for the realisation of SDGs. The key component for the sustainable transition will be mainly driven by the capital of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) with the deployment of big data, blockchain and AI-based solutions to meet not only immediate needs but a wider impact beyond 2030.

For the implementation of SDG 17, we work closely with policymakers and other relevant stakeholders to strengthen global part­nership for supply chain management solutions. We mobi­lise and share knowledge, expertise, technol­ogy and dedicate financial resources as required to support the development of Sustainable supply chain in countries, we operate for trading activities. Green Global Trading encourage and promote effective public/public-private partnerships to develop sustainable Fair Trade.